Why Buy Refurbished IT Products?

By buying Refurbished products you gain in many ways. But in summary we will focus on the following main reasons:



All our products are GRADE A, ie extremely high quality, tested, painted and packaged. They have almost no cosmetic marks and are perfectly packaged.

Our company controls its products until the final stage of packaging and sending them to the final customer. We are very interested in the end user experience and we pay special attention to it.



Refurbished products can be just as reliable as new ones if they have been properly tested and processed.

Our company cooperates exclusively with Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers abroad (EU), which have ISO systems and procedures that guarantee the reliability and quality (GRADE A) of the products we supply.



Our products are very economical (from 40% to 70% cheaper) without lagging behind either in quality or performance compared to the corresponding new ones.



Refurbished products contribute significantly to the protection of the environment. Their reuse after reconstruction, contributes to the substantial reduction of electrical appliance waste. At the same time, they significantly increase the life cycle of the product, thus reducing the need to replace it with a new one and, respectively, lowering the levels of global demand and therefore production. All the above proven to contribute to the protection of the environment.



Refurbished products were used. After the process of reconstruction and quality control, our products are accompanied by a guarantee of good operation for 1 or 2 years, depending on something that does not apply to simple used machines.


About Refurbished

In our e-shop you will find mainly refurbished products as well as used computer parts.

By Refurbished, we mean products that have been used (LEASING) and have undergone a process of reconstruction by authorized refurbishers during which all any defective parts have been replaced and repainted.

The specific products are not sold in their original packaging and have a one (1) year warranty from authorized refurbishers.

Our products come from Leasing (not individuals) and that is why you will find ONLY branded brands (HP, Dell, IBm, Lenovo etc.) and mainly the business series and computer models.

All our products are tested and well packaged.